Wednesday, November 21, 2012

E Family Photo Shoot

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Gah! Stupid Blogger, I ran out of room for photos in my memory. So I'm attempting to use Flickr for posting my photos. We'll see how well THAT turns out. Anyways, here is another photo shoot I did for a friend of mine. Her inlaws were in town so we did a nice big shoot with all of them. The photo of all 8 is one of my faves I have ever taken of a group! The shadows were still harsher than I would have liked because of the uber bright sun (Colorado sun is FINICKY in the fall/winter!) but I still think they turned out great! Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Life and Real Life Updates

Well, I know I haven't posted in awhile, but it's because I have been SUPER SICK. Why, you ask? Because we are having Baby #4! I have also been working on a couple projects, but still not done with any of them. Little Miss C's birthday present is coming along nicely, about 80% done and then need to block. It will look lovely on her....

I realized I haven't posted any pictures yet of my Project Life album from this year. My album from last year was featured on Miss Becky Higgins' website, and I felt extremely honored! This year I have been working at more of a slow pace, but it's been really good. I decided to focus more on getting my pictures in the album instead of worrying about a "Picture a Day." We have had so many events that have multiple pictures, and I want to have great layouts of my FAVORITE pictures, instead of only one to represent the whole day! Here are some snapshots of what I have done so far:

See what I mean? I get to have a whole page dedicated to my niece's first birthday! I love it!

Notice I'm not using the white block in the title square for dates this year. I decided to make it a header for each page, sometimes the month, sometimes just words. I found a great stack of stickers that match the Cobalt kit pretty well by Simple Stories "Snap!" collection.

I think the picture of big man E on the left is one of my ALL TIME FAVES of him.

Here is our trip to the museum. Again, PL is perfect for getting my faves scrapbooked!

This is when I started using Instagram ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, the prints didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, so I am working on slowly not using it as much. In the meantime, I had to come up with some creative ways to display those photos!

I have more done, just not pictures of it yet. This week we all have the week off, so maybe I will get some scrapping done! Have a blessed Thanksgiving :)