Monday, December 12, 2011

Four Months Old

Baby J is four months old! I think she is going to be a bit more serious than her big sister. She weighed in at 11 lbs. 4 oz (10th percentile) and is at the 50th percentile for length and head size. She loves to smile and laugh and SING, but she is pretty picky about when she does those things. Sometimes she is the happiest baby in the world though! She had her first cold and her first flu and went through them both very gracefully. She visited Santa twice and didn't cry either time, and she is getting stronger every day. She still hates tummy time but she rolls back and forth on her sides all the time. Her favorite person is her big brother and always has a smile saved just for him. Happy four months, baby J!


  1. She is so beautiful! Happy 4 months JoJo!

  2. Thanks for your sweet note! Are you a knitter!?!? Impressive! I absolutely LOVE your photographs of your kids with lights! I'm such a sucker for great photography! I'm your newest follower and would love to have you return the "love" on your next visit!!!

    XO, Aimee from


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