Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Waiting

Just a quick little update on life right now.

We are (im)patiently waiting for baby number 3 to get here. Due date is Sunday, my mom is rooting for Saturday because that was her mom's birthday. I'm just glad that I'm almost done. (Pic from 37 weeks). (PS - notice the wall color!?!)

We headed up to Estes Park this weekend to see if it would move the labor process along at all. It was actually the first time we had taken our kids and they LOVED every minute of it. From jumping in the river to looking for rocks to eating at our favorite pizza place and getting fudge, they keep asking if they can go back. We are hoping that after baby comes hubby and I can take more initiative to make our Saturdays more special like this one was.

We also discovered frozen yogurt this month. A new place just opened up in town, and we are so excited! Who knew making your own little creations would be so much fun and so yummy!?! We originally went because Little Miss finished up her first potty chart and it was her reward, but we've been back at least once a week since then. Now it's kind of becoming a tradition to go after lunch on Sundays.

I wish I could say that we kept up with all the school stuff we had planned to do, but alas, we didn't. Some days I feel like I can barely get out of bed, much less do a lesson plan and sit on the floor for an hour to do it. But I am trying to make a bit more of an effort to make sure I play with my kids every day. Sometimes it's just reading books, sometimes it's playing video games or Killer Bunnies, and some days it's setting up the sprinklers in the back yard. We try to have fun though, and they are very, very excited for our new little one to be here.

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  1. I'm there with you, but then you already knew that! My oldest is hoping for a Friday birth so they can share birthdays. I'm thinking I should at least be holding this little guy by Sunday afternoon!


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