Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunburst Mirrors - Really?

Another trend I discovered was creating DIY sunburst mirrors. At first I kind of liked them, pictured one in my house above the couch, and then pictured one of my children impaling themselves while jumping on the couch on one of the hand-sharpened wooden dowels or other deathly objects it might be made out of. So you see, sunburst mirrors are just not for me. Some really and truly are beautiful, like these:

And some of the materials these are made out of make me take a step back and say, "really?"

 I have to admit, clothespins are handy. But I picture this little beauty lasting about 10 minutes before my kids have completely taken it apart and there are clothespins everywhere.

 Now this is a manly sunburst mirror. I picture it in the garage, right next to the bouquet of tools and chalkboard labeled tool chest. Add a candle of man smell and you'll have the most stylish shop on the block.

 Yeah, I can't even caption this one very well.

 This is how I picture the conversation between husband and wife after this piece was made:
"Hey honey, guess what I did with your great grandmother's antique silver?"
"What, sweetie?"
"I got out my hot glue gun and put them all in a circle around a mirror! Now she can be a part of every meal we eat forever."

 This one is similar, but instead of grandma's antique silverware it's made of leftover spoons from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This one will make your kid super trendy and cool. At least to the moms who read blogs. The rest of the world (including their friends) will probably wonder what the heck their mom was thinking...

 This one is made out of toilet paper rolls. I'm sorry, but I don't think using materials that used to house toilet paper seems very sanitary.

(PS - the silverware mirror - the more I look at it, the more it's kinda cool....)

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  1. LOL I love this post! I have also fallen in love with these mirrors, but left-over KFC spoons seems a little too thrifty. The silverware one looks like a definitely impalement danger. I do really like the first one, but I don't have anywhere to put it, plus probably couldn't afford this one!


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