Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Baby Blanket

It's finally done! I have been holding off on sharing any photos of this particular project, but I honestly don't know why. I just finished blocking and weaving in the ends, and it looks gorgeous! My cousin is having a baby shower on Saturday and I can hardly wait to give this to her. The pattern is another one by the lovely Joanna Johnson called Freddie's Blanket. I opted for Caron One Pound yarn because 1) It's a WHOLE LOT cheaper than using the Brown Sheep Company yarn, and 2) It's machine washable and the called-for yarn is not. It took quite a while but I really loved the repeat pattern to keep my mind and fingers going, and it's such an unusual pattern that it had several peoples' jaws drop wondering how I did it. It was also simple enough to do while watching a show or kids at the park. I hope to do another one in boy colors sometime, but I definitely will be making the baby size instead of the child size, 200 stitches across is just too many for my patience level! Enjoy, I'm off to work on another project!

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  1. Very cute! The colors that you chose are wonderful. I can see why people were impressed...the pattern looks complicated because of the textures and colors. I love slipped stitch patterns for that.


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