Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode 8 - Fiber Festival Fun!

Hey everyone! Sorry this one is a bit scattered, I recorded VERY late at night after working in the basement for a few hours. I have a TON more I wanted to talk about when I am not so tired, so I'm glad to say I will work on organizing that content for the next episode. Enjoy! **Correction, the cones of yarn from Brown Sheep retail for $32, not $30!!** **The sweater I am going to knit is also called Anne's Sweater, not Anne's Cardigan. Wow, I was tired!**  **Yet another correction, the Knotty Girls won the Podcaster Throwdown. The numbers I had been looking at were old. Congratulations, Knotty Girls!!**

Ravelry: EmilyStraw and Knitting Butterflies group
My Blog: Knitting Butterflies
Instagram: butterflyem4

The Ravellenics are over. I did the Barley hat over and over again to make hats for Halos of Hope. I made a total f 10, reaching my silver goal.

I worked on my Skew socks and have a few more hours worth of work to finish.

My mom's Super Secret Sweater project was going right along, until I figured out I measured my guage wrong and need to frog the whole thing and start over. I am planning on incorporating the Vignette pattern.

Photo courtesy of The Loopy Ewe

My current #nerdalong project is Hermione's Everyday Socks in Loopy Legends Cheryl's Michigan Sunrise.

Winners of the Ravellenics Giveaway: Numbers chosen "live" from the entries on the Ravellenics contest thread.

BlueChinaDoll wins the Oh, Loops! Platinum sock base in the Lavender Infused Green Tea colorway:

 wins the skein of Opal Hundertwassers in colorway 956 (photo courtesy of

Countdown to 30

This episode I contemplate getting a tattoo for my 30th birthday.

Basement Tales

We made a TON of progress on our basement over the last few weeks, hopefully we will be done over the next month or two. (PS - I totally forgot to mention that the fireplace got stone this weekend! My brother in law is amazing! I will mention it next time) :)


This weekend I attended the 4H Fiber Fun Festival in my hometown, invited by Joanna Johnson. We got to see our first sheep shearing, meet Peggy from the Brown Sheep Company, and met Karen from Aniroonz and purchased lots of beautiful yarn. **Correction, the cones of yarn from Brown Sheep retail for $32, not $30!!** I plan on using the cone to knit my Anne's Sweater from Green Gables Knits and the yarn from Aniroonz to knit the Sheepwagon Shawl (both by Joanna, can you tell I'm a fan of her patterns?)

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  1. I need to buy TJ a new set of headphones to skype with. Right now the headphones are the only way to listen to anything on my computer, and if he is using them I can't, so I can't listen. All I can do is read. But I love all of the pictures :) And a tattoo, hm? I think you should :)


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