Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Basement As Of....

sometime last week. We bit the bullet and decided to hire out the rest of the drywall finishing. We figured that if we are going to move in ANY time soon we needed to just get this step DONE and over with. Here is where we were at before the nice man with the big drywall knives came over:

Playroom is about halfway done with sanding and mudding. 

The other side of the playroom. Sorry for the weird angle, I was trying to fit in as much good stuff as I could and not make you stare at the concrete floor.

Here's the bathroom, not anywhere new. The nice drywaller has added TONS of mud in here and it looks much better than this now.

The living room - getting closer all the time! We now have an entertainment center/shelving unit that I painted white on the outside and dark green/blue on the inside (it will look better when it's all finished). We also built a bench on the other side of the fireplace that opens up for storage and will have a cushion on it for additional seating. This room is currently a mess because everything that was in the playroom is stacked up in here to allow the nice drywaller room to work.

We are thinking we will get to paint more this weekend and even more next weekend, depending on how crazy the weekend is. We are moving, slowly but surely!

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  1. Once the stone goes up, it will look much more finished in that room, too. Step one of that done today!


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