Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

I'm a little behind on posting cards lately. Not from lack of making them, actually quite the opposite. I'm turning the 2 of the paper stack I have been using (which is actually called "Mrs. Claus's Kitchen," not "Grandma's Kitchen" like I thought) into a very LARGE stack of cards. 39 more to be exact. Plus, I have extra supplies to make a lot of tags out of. I have a craft bazaar coming up I need to prepare for.

To keep the posts going, I thought I would post a few older projects that I still really like. So, enjoy!

These were from my trifold card making days. The first one I sent to a friend after she joined YWAM, and we missed her very much. The second was a more "masculine" Valentine for my hubby a few years ago.

These two I sent to Robyn Cardon, aka "My Pink Stamper." I actually got to meet her for a second at CHA, and these cards were displayed in her craft room and even made it on to a few of her videos in the background. 

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