Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo of the Day - Days 1 and 2

Okay, I know this is probably too high a goal. But, I really want to try the photo-a-day challenge. I finished my Project Life 2011 project at 3am on January 1st and I am so incredibly proud of it. But, it was a LOT of work every month to go through my pictures and pick out which ones I would use, edit them, order them, journal them, and put them together in the book. I am hoping that if I put some pictures up here on the blog it will keep me going and I will already have all of the journaling done ahead of time. We'll see, I might need to stick to posting once a week (which is the likely option) or every couple of weeks. I am so happy with my 2011 project though, and I already have the new Cobalt edition for 2012 so I am ready to go for this year! BTW, I definitely do not always take THAT picture on THAT day. I learned this last year to be really lenient on myself with my photography, and not stress out about every single day being perfect.

Day 1 - Mister E enjoying cereal for a snack. I need to go shopping....
( f/1.8 1/80)

Day 2 - Baby blues melt my heart! 4 1/2 months old and loving every minute of it!
( f/1.8 1/80)

(PS - stay tuned, I have 3 more pictures to print and then I will be making a video of last year's Project Life so you can see it in all its glory!)

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