Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo of the Day - Week 2 Roundup

Here are my Project Life photos for Week 2:

Tebow-mania has hit Colorado hard this year. Everywhere we go people are wearing jerseys with number 15, and Facebook is flooded with Tebow videos and pictures. Personally, I really could care less about football, and therefore Tebow, even though he is a Christian that has no problem sharing his faith. But, we did enjoy watching the game he won for the Broncos against the Steelers today...

Not a great photo, a screenshot from a video
My Grandma has a TON of dolls. She made most of them, and she probably only has about 1/5 of what she used to have. She found out Cadie loves dolls, so my Grandma took Cadie on a tour of her doll display today. Cadie kept commenting on the things they had or their pretty clothes, and she was very good about touching very gently. It was amazing to see some of the dolls my Grandma had when she was little, and she told me all about the process to make them and the differences between all of them. I had no idea my Grandma was such an amazing artist, and she won all kinds of awards for her dolls. What a special treat! 

 Happy 5 months, Baby J! (Will write more about this in another post)

Baby J finally learned to roll over! All of a sudden she is sitting up better (with support) and rolling over like crazy. It started that I could keep her busy for a few minutes by putting her on her tummy, but now she just rolls right on to her back and giggles. I love it!

 Little Miss C started dance with buddy N today! They loved dance last summer and we are very happy they have the same teacher again. All of the girls in the class have taken a class with this teacher before, so they jumped right in and started working on new moves. Cadie loves to show us her plies and chauces all over the house. 

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