Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo of the Day - Week 1 Roundup

Here are my Project Life shots for Week 1:

Shot by my best friend

Mister E and his buddy sure love to play Skylanders! They both got the game starter set and some extra characters for Christmas, and they love to have playdates with them and share their guys. 

Happy Birthday, Sarah! My niece turns one on January 11, but my sister decided to have her party a bit earlier. We had it at my church and Jenilee did a great job with a purple/pink tutu theme. She made the tutus and the cake herself!  

 **Note, there are more pictures than are going to fit in the Project Life kit here. That's because I am going to print the vertical pictures in the 3x4 format so they can fill up some extra space and be oriented correctly. I only print and do journaling once a month in my book, so after I finish out January you will see how it all comes together.**

The thing I love about Project Life is that I really don't care if the pictures are perfect. The bathtub picture is definitely not "ideal" since Baby J's eyes are closed and there is a lot of white space, but seriously, who cares?? Low stress and easy is the way to go :)


  1. Great pictures!! Your niece is adorable and love all the kids squished in the tub. What a cute picture:)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE (especially the bathtub pic!!) <3 Martha xoxo


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