Friday, September 21, 2012

Holy Crap, It's A Wall!

Who knew a wall could be so exciting? Or TWO walls for that matter? We were some busy bees at my house yesterday! My dad came over (he even gave up fishing on his day off. Awww....) and taught me how to build a wall. He and I got the first one up yesterday, and I was so excited to see something get started! Then last night after hubby and I put the kids to bed we worked on the second wall together. I couldn't believe we didn't even fight once! (Thank you God, that had to be You!) We have already learned so much, my hubby feels pretty bad-@$$ using a ramset, and we feel confident to continue where we are going. Here are a couple of update pictures, with more to come later!

First wall built on the floor. PS - we used the videos from to learn how to build the basement. It has great step-by-step instructions, and everything we have done so far has been perfect because of their information!

Hooray! First wall is up!

Oh boy, we are making fast progress! Plus, my socks with capris are SUPER sexy. I can't wait to do more and share more pictures!

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