Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Precious Friends

Do you have a family in your life that has deeply impacted you in a way you could never express? This family is that for my husband and me. The parents are an example to us in every way they live their lives. They are positive, God-loving, authentic people. Summer has seen me through some incredibly difficult times through the last 5 years I have known her, and is always there to pray for me, listen to me whine and moan, laugh at my inappropriate jokes, occasionally drink with me, and encourage me in my walk as a mom and a wife. Chris recently has started to get to know my husband and has been an incredible example of authentic manhood for him. Their marriage is one that will stand the test of time because they don't rely on themselves to make it work, they rely on the One who created them in the first place to carry them through the storms of life. I was incredibly blessed to photograph their family together yesterday, and while it was super crazy and full of chaos, I felt that it captured their family perfectly. Enjoy!

(Truthfully, an all-smiling shot would have not quite shown the fun this family has. This one is my absolute fave....)

(Yeah, this is what is was like for most of the shoot...)

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  1. These make me happy!!!!!!!!!! I love family pics that show the true personalities.


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