Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Knitting...

I have been SUPER crafty lately, but not so great about taking pictures of my craftiness. Sometimes I take Instagram pics of my knitting, but I have yet to photograph the final pieces so far. In the meantime, here are some "WIP" pics for you...

I knitted my first real sock last week. I used an adorable yarn by Paton that self stripes. Self-striping yarn is seriously like crack for a knitter, you ALWAYS have to get to the next stripe! I finished the sock, it's okay, it doesn't fit great because I made size 9 in the pattern and it turns out my feet are not as fat as I thought they were. It's fine though, I'm excited to make the match.

With the leftover yarn I started knitting a sock for Little Miss C. For this sock I used the Lifestyle Toe Up Sock design, and Judy's Magic Cast On to make the toe. I LOVE this technique and love how it turned out. Little Miss C was SO excited that I started knitting a sock for her. 

Here's a continuation of the sock for Little Miss C. (Can you tell I worked on it a lot in the car in between school pickups?) I really like the Lifestyle design, no need for a gauge, or a pattern really. In this picture I had just learned how to do short row heels for toe-up socks and I was about to take the plunge and start the heel. I finished the sock the next day, pic to come soon. Little Miss C loves it.

This is Little Miss C's birthday present. I wish I could go more into detail what it is right now, but I want to write a more thorough post on it. It is going really fast though, and I have another 4 inches done since this photo was taken last night. 

I also finished a sweater for myself, I need to reblock it and take some photos as it turned out quite lovely. Cold weather always makes me want to curl up with a fresh skein of yarn and needles and just knit away. More pics to come soon, blessings!

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  1. LOVE the striped socks!!! I WISH I knew how to knit-you are so talented! Can't wait to hear about little miss C's birthday present!!!!!! Love you!


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