Sunday, March 10, 2013

FO - Fair Isle Mittens

Well, the mittens are done. They were fun, but to be honest, I was glad to be done with them. I just need to stop knitting with cheap yarn! It makes such a difference on how enjoyable the project is. Fortunately, my cousin's daughter LOVED them and they will fit her quite nicely. I hope to get them sent down to them soon, and hopefully they will get at least one more good snow this year so she can get some use out of them!

As the weather is warming up I am finding myself wanting to knit lighter, airier patterns. I am trying to learn lace, though my current project almost had me throwing it out the window. My mom keep saying to keep trying though, that it's hard learning new techniques but after I get it I can make so many lovely things. She's right, so off to knit some more I go.....


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