Sunday, March 31, 2013

Things to Remember...

There are a few things I really want to remember about my kiddos at this age.......

Big Man E is such a funny kid. He is ALWAYS full of questions, especially "what ifs." He's a little bit crazy with energy, and for my sanity I have to send him outside pretty regularly, hence my favorite freckles coming out. His favorite books are the Magic Tree House series, and anything to do with legos and Star Wars is an instant attraction for him. 

Little Miss C sings every time she wants to tell you something. Anything. She loves My Little Ponies and Merida from Brave. She mostly likes to play boy games like her brother, but when you get her around little girls she can be very girly. She's also working on her "L's", so instead of "I wuv you" she says "I llllllove you" and it's so cute. Her favorite thing to talk about is birthdays, and she knows which order all of our birthdays will fall this year.

Baby J really isn't much of a baby any more. She loves FOOD, and if you leave your food on the table she will almost certainly take it before you can blink. But, if you give her her own plate she is not likely to even eat half of it. She copies everything her brother and sister say, and she tickles anything she can find, including the air. She sings me songs about Jesus all the time in the car, especially when I am sad and it makes my day. My favorite thing she says right now is "why thank you!"

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  1. Precious!!!!!!! What a lovely family you have! xo


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