Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drywall is DONE!!

Hooray! We are 100% finished with the drywall! Here are some pics of the living room for you:

Here's where you walk down the stairs, we have a fun "art nook" for some artwork to go later.

Here's a good view of the "living area," where the couches and TV will go.

On the right is a spot for a built-in bookshelf, then to the left of that is where the TV will go. We are SO EXCITED that we wired ahead of time for surround sound, even though we don't have a system and probably won't for awhile. To the left of that is where the fireplace will be, trimmed in stone. It's going to be SO PRETTY!

Next to the fireplace there will be a bench that opens up to put blankets in and pillows on top of, and then to the left of that is another bookshelf. This half of the room will be like the "gaming" area, where a table and chairs will go for puzzles and board games (so they don't have to take up my dining room table any more!) Hooray!

Here is the back wall of the living room, where a desk will go with a built in bookshelf above it.

And finally, the finished hallway! We are so thrilled to have this part of the build done, and now I can actually help out with the next step of mudding and taping!  

Since we finished this HUGE step, I decided to do another tour of where we are at. Enjoy!

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