Monday, May 6, 2013

(Halfway) Finished Object - Cross-Eyed Socks

I got to do my first test knit! Hooray! Someone wrote a pattern and needed someone to try it out, check it for clarity and size, and give feedback. I was super excited to help someone with their pattern, writing patterns is a long time goal for me and I like to see the process. I only did one of the socks though, I need a bit of a break from this uber-bright yarn before I keep going. Here is the single sock:

I'm sure I'll do the other one someday, it doesn't make much sense to have a single sock lying around. In the meantime, I still am searching for blocking wires to block the falling water scarf, I'm farther on the entrelac blanket, and I finished the turquoise and green socks for my bestie. Already new yarns and projects are calling to me, I have a baby shower coming up in June and of course I have a babe of my own coming that same month! Best get back to the needles....

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