Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 4 - Of Handspun and Scissors

Thank you for listening to my podcast! I love doing this, it's something just for me late at night when everyone else is sleeping and I have so much fun with my listeners! There is another giveaway this week, so be sure to listen for it and leave your entry!

Thank Yous and Administrative:
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Thank you to Sarah Stevens - sarahstevens on Ravelry for gifting me the Corvinus Family Mitts pattern. Check out her pattern shop and Etsy shop for beautiful hand-dyed yarns!

Thank you to Mimers66, Terab707, and Trinawinna for reviews on iTunes!

Clicking Away:

  • Sprig Sweater by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting. Yoke and raglans are finished, as is stockinette for the bust. All of the ease is currently in the back because of my current larger bust size, debating on how to start the decreases so it will look correct, even wondering if I should frog it and start over on a different size.

    • Spinning Stories:

    • Finished my first 100g, have begun spinning my second 100g of Woolen Mill St. Yarns Corriedale roving.

    • Used my first 100g to knit a hat, had an incident with the 2 year old and scissors.

    • Finished hat has 2x2 rib and stockinette body. I love it so much that I entered it in to the Legend-Prairie contest from the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin Podcast.

    • Reviews:
    • Winners from the Green Gables Knits giveaway:

        • Orange-Maid from Ravelry (Scotland) - digital copy
        • Outofthisworld (Marybeth) from Ravelry (AZ) - paper copy

      • Sleepy Eyes Knits Wonderlace by Gina House, she also sent me Dreamscape. Check out her Etsy shop if you are interested in these books, as well as her website!

      Photos Courtesy of GinaHouse.net
      • To Enter the Giveaway - Leave your first name, your state and/or country, your email or Ravelry name, and your favorite Christmas or holiday tradition from when you were a kid that you keep alive today on this post.

      Remember and Reminisce

      Basement Tales
      • Hubby took the week off to work on basement. Sanding and mudding, craft room is done and playroom is almost done.
      • Built some built in shelving for under the television, and popup bench for storing blankets.

      Countdown to 30 - My family tradition is to see the latest Disney or kids movie at the theater on Christmas Eve. We started with the Little Mermaid 26 years ago and have only missed one year since. This year we will go see Frozen. As I become more of a grownup, I am wondering if I need to give up my chance to go see the movie each year and stay home to get stuff done.

      Photographing Your Knits
      • This week I talk about White Balance and how finding the settings for it on your camera or phone can make a big difference in the color quality and consistency of your photos
      • If you have some natural light but not enough, use a reflector to double the amount of light on your project



      1. Haven't listened yet but had to pop in to say how much I love youe colourwork hat - I am starting to dip my toe into colourwork. Also well done with your handspun/knit hat - I never understood all the fuss about knitting with your handspun but today I completed some mitts and I am so happy with them. Enjoy wearing your hat. Have a good holiday season. C x

      2. Eventhough I don't live close to my family my dad and stepmom usually visit a couple of days after Christmas and this is one of the best traditions I like to keep up. Just to be together with the people I love and care about. Gifts and food don't matter so much to me...

        Ravelry ID: maggievienna
        Name: Simin
        Location: Vienna, Austria

      3. Our family tradition is not to cook on Boxing Day, we always have a cold dinner, turkey, salad, bread and butter. it is even better than Christmas day dinner :)

        Helen (Orange-maid) rav id

      4. For us the tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's house. This year we are still having it even though the house is in the middle of a reno! Should be interesting :)

      5. My name's Joanie, and my Rav ID is Wildlily. When we were little we used to all wear matching christmas pajamas. We've tried to keep that alive this year with my nephews and my son. Unfortunately with there being a 5 year gap between my nephews and son it became them wearing matching pajamas, and him wearing baby christmas pajamas... but theirs had polar bears on them, and my son's has a santa face on the back so that counts right?! Santa living with the polar bears and all! (We did christmas early this year since we're doing christmas for real with the husband's parents).

      6. I always watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Mickey's Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is fun to watch these with my son now.

        Crazy Knitting Fool

      7. Hi! I am still buying my kids Christmas pajamas. When they were small (and I had fewer kids) I sewed them myself. Now that they are all grownup sized, I shop for them, trying to find some print or color that they will particularly like - they are 14, 17, 20 and 23 (girl, boy, girl, boy respectively). This is actually a tradition borrowed from a friend. I guess the main tradition I've brought home from my childhood is the use of Christmas stockings. I always try to find some little goodies special to each person, and it has always been tradition that the stocking can be delved into first thing, whether everyone else is awake or not. And I remember finding a tangerine in the toe of mine every year. It always reminded me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I think oranges at Christmas are mentioned in more than one of the stories. - Karen (carrotmusic on Ravelry, from Winchester, MA)

      8. Love you too cousin-made me smile to be mentioned on your podcast-I'm always tuning in and only wish there were more of these to listen to! Apparently we need to hang out! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all feeling better! MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

      9. Thank you SO much for reviewing my book! You are the best! xoxox :D Great post!

      10. ALL family members gather for dinner on Christmas Eve---Surprize Buffet----just bring any dish per person. We have had interesting combinations---but so much fun. This past Christmas Eve we did the Family Iron Chef for our dinner. skinouye on Rav


      Thank you so much for your comment! I try to leave comment love back on your blog as well. All feedback is welcome, I want to improve as an artist. Blessings to you!