Monday, December 16, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming, that's for sure! Our tree is up and we have a few decorations up, but I haven't really had the energy to get the rest of them up yet. Considering I didn't get our tree up until the 21st last year, I'm actually doing pretty good.

My mom works at a greenhouse and she let me bring my kiddos in their beautiful Christmas clothes to take some pictures. You know how they say the roofer's roof always leaks? Well, the photographer's kids apparently never look at the camera. This was an interesting session but we got a few keepers, so I'm happy.

The next day we came back in regular clothes to meet Santa and see my sister perform her harp. Big Man E asked for about $1,000 worth of Legos, so we have been trying to explain that even Santa has a budget. Sorry, buddy. They had a blast though, I love that they all still believe in Santa so much and Christmas is so magical for them.


  1. Emily your family is so beautiful! It is so sweet to see them with Santa. Merry Christmas!

  2. What a GORGEOUS family! We took forever to set up anything Christmas this year too! I LOVE C girls gold sweater dress-swoon! Hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas-MUCH MUCH LOVE! XOXOXOO


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