Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FO - Fair Isle Socks

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning for a jewelry party I am having tonight. Too bad that this pregnancy makes me get wiped out after working on something as simple as cleaning up the living room. So, I snuggled with my hubby and watched some more Grey's Anatomy and finished up my first pair of Fair Isle socks. I do love them oh so very much!

They turned out so neat! I used the Lifestyle Toe Up Sock pattern and noticed on Ravelry no one (that I know of) had tried using the actual Fair Isle pattern on their socks. It was a pretty easy pattern to figure out and it made knitting these a breeze! I love knitting this type of pattern because it is made to fit my long, skinny feet really well. I loved using different yarn for the toe, heel, and cuff too. It makes it all look so complete and finished. I noticed though, that because I did it in Fair Isle it doesn't quite have the stretch the other socks I have knitted have, so if I did this pattern again I would make it a bit wider on the foot to make it easier to get on and off. Here are the knitty-gritty details:

-CO 24 using provisional cast on (it's more durable that Judy's cast on, in case you are like me and the first place your socks wear out is in the toes)
-increase every other row to a total of 68 stitches
-change to Fair Isle pattern, knit square pattern 14 times
-use short row heel method to decrease to 12, then increase again
-continue in Fair Isle pattern 15 more times
-K1, P1 cuff for 12 rows
-stretchy bind off

I have one more pair of socks I finished awhile ago that I will be sharing later this week! Have a blessed day!


  1. They look great. Teach me someday! PS...what grey did you end up with on your living room walls???

    1. Thanks Bon! I would love to teach you :) The grey is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore. It's nice and I have enjoyed it, but I am actually planning on changing it sometime soon again once the basement is finished, I think to Pavillion Beige by Sherwin Williams. Love you! <3


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