Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Basement Update

Things have been moving SLOOOOOOOW on our basement right now. It's just been too hard for me to get downstairs and work consistently, especially at night when I am totally exhausted. BUT, the good news is that we are finally moving forward again after about 2 months of extreme slowness. Here are the latest pics:

My awesome hubby spent Monday night working his you-know-what off to finish the final touches to pass our inspection on Tuesday, which I am very glad to say that we did pass! I placed the order for our drywall to come on Friday, so hubby spent last night cleaning up the living area (pictured) so we would have plenty of room for the 90 sheets of drywall that are coming. The insulation itself wasn't that much work and went pretty fast, we just needed some motivation to get it COMPLETELY done. I'm so excited for the next phase!

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