Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby Seal Amigurumi

My baby sister's birthday is tomorrow, and I wanted to make her something really special. She has this baby seal toy called "Tuppy" from the Tupperware company. My mom got it for her when we were little and it's still her favorite. She found an amigurumi baby seal on Pinterest and pinned it for me, asking her to make her one. Since I know she would love it, I decided to go for it! (I am definitely learning to only knit or crochet for people who ask for it, and even then only if I have time and it's not too terribly involved. I picked up some "I Love This Chunky Yarn" from Hobby Lobby to make it bigger than the pattern shows. It only took me a day, and I love it! I hope she loves it too.

I used an I hook and safety eyes and nose from Hobby Lobby, and red ink for the cheeks. I might have to take better pictures during daylight, we'll see. Super easy pattern, definitely going to make it again someday!

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