Monday, September 2, 2013

WIP Monday - Part 2

Okay, so I missed last week. I totally spaced it out, deal with it :-D Here are the current Works in Progress, or WIP's I am knitting right now.

This is the project I am currently the most excited about. It's a Mareeka Shawl designed by Brian Smith, who designs really beautiful shawls. My mom gave me a $50 gift certificate to a local yarn store in a nearby town, and I picked up the yarn for this beauty and another 900 yards of some alpaca lace I will probably use in the spring. Yellow and grey is one of my favorite color combinations, but it's not one I have made anything with. I threw in some black and I am thrilled with how fun this shawl is so far.

The only problem I have run in to is that I mixed up the yardages required for the black and the grey, so I have not enough black and more than enough grey. Solution: I get to go back and buy another ball of black, and then use all of the leftovers for a neat hat or some other project. Hooray for silver linings!

I am almost done with Sammy's stocking, I just have to do the finishing work. Which. I. Hate. Doing. There are so many ends to weave in! And I really did not do my best work on this stocking, I guess doing 11 of them in one year two years ago doesn't keep me in my groove, so hopefully the next one is better.

I ran out of yarn on the Shale Baby Blanket. It looks so lovely though! I have 20 repeats of it done, only 37 more to go. Oi vey, that's a lot of stitching! I picked up some Caron Simply Soft on clearance at Hobby Lobby in a beautiful blue, I think I am going to do this same pattern with it and use it as a baby blanket for our church.

Oh yeah, and the stupid rainbow socks aren't finished yet. I want to throw them out the window, hopefully I will finish them by next weekend.

That's all for this week, I probably won't get to update next week because of a big secret that you will find out about later! Have a blessed Labor Day!

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