Monday, September 23, 2013

Ripple Baby Blanket

This was an amazingly fast project! I bought several skeins of baby yarn on clearance at JoAnn awhile ago, and I have 2 baby blankets due to my church the first week of November. That deadline is creeping up on me so I decided to get started using up that yarn. (JoAnn Sensations "Little Treat"). I found the pattern Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket  that is FREE, which made me very excited! I started the blanket and was able to get through 1 skein a day for three days, making it a really good size blanket. about 3 1/2 feet in diameter. I had another 2 skeins of this colorway, but I figured out I would get another 4 rows total out of the two skeins, and I decided it just wasn't enough of a difference to make me want to keep going. BUT, I love that I was able to make a great blanket in only 3 days!

My girls got jealous I was taking pictures of the blanket, so they jumped in and we had fun for a bit :D

I have already started my second blanket, a pink and purple colorway of the same yarn. I'm hoping because these are getting done so fast to have some wiggle room with the Christmas presents I have planned. We shall see! Update coming later this week on some other finished projects and UFO's. Blessings!

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  1. Wow, a blanket in three days! Love the colors and the pattern is so cool. Adorable pictures of your girls.


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