Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spinnin' All My Troubles Away....

I have really been enjoying using the drop spindle I picked up last week at one of my local yarn stores. $10 for a spindle and some sample roving? You bet! I finished that roving up in a couple of days, plied and all, and went to my favorite LYS to pick up some Corriedale roving. I got 8 oz, which now seems like an awful lot, but I figure it will make enough for me to knit a hat and mittens or something nice and useable. This roving is by the Woolen Mill St. Yarns Spinning Fiber in the colorway Juliette Jules. I love it, it's so pretty with it's constantly changing blues and pinks and greys. I have finished about an ounce so far, and I'm still learning a lot. I like to spin tight and fine, mostly because I also like to knit with fine yarns. My yarn still definitely has some bumps and inconsistent pieces but it's getting much better than even when I started just last week. I am going to try some chain plying to make the colors a bit more consistent when they knit up, we'll see how it all goes though!


  1. Your spinning looks wonderful! Love the colors. You are ahead of me since I haven't even tried to ply my handspun yet.

  2. I have just started spinning too and love my spindle - that fibre is gorgeous! look forward to seeing the yarn you make with it.


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