Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket, Part 2

I started this baby blanket almost as soon as I finished with my last one, but a few other project opportunities jumped up and I grabbed them. I cleaned my living room yesterday and sorted out all of my "almost done" projects from my "not gonna finish any time soon" projects, and I have a goal to work on the "almost done" projects for awhile as inspiration sets in for new projects. This blanket was one of the "almost done," and I sat down last night for a couple hours after cleaning all day and went to town. I did almost an entire skein last night in one sitting, and as always I am super pleased with how this blanket turned out. This is definitely my go-to pattern for charity, since I love self-striping yarn and I can keep going for as long as I want or until I run out of yarn. I hope the little baby who receives this blanket loves it!

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  1. That blanket is gorgeous. Such a simple pattern, combined with lovely yarn produced a stunning piece. There's one lucky baby out there. An item to treasure.


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