Friday, January 17, 2014

Episode 6 - Nerdalong!

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Upcoming Events:
    • Using the Barley Hat pattern by TinCan Knits
    • Knitpicks Swish yarn
  • #nerdalong has begun! I'm starting with the Hunter Cowl by Diana Burk (pattern no longer available due to copyright) Please join me as knitting nerds unite!
Countdown to 30:
  • I've been beginning to struggle with body image issues, as I head in to my 30's I want to squash that immediately so as I grow older and change I can push those awful thoughts out of my head.
  • I want to take Amy Herzog's class Knit to Flatter to appreciate the body I have been given
  • A few changes have been made in my home to help take care of the body I have
Photographing Your Knits:
Photo courtesy of
  • Answering a question about photographing in the snow
    • BE SURE to check your white balance! Snow often looks blue in your camera, change to the shade setting (as long as it doesn't turn the snow yellow) :-D
    • Find the exposure compensation setting on your camera. I like to adjust mine to +0.7 to compensate for the camera making your image darker. This also works for white backgrounds in general.

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