Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Episode 5 - 2013 in Review

Thanks for listening to my last podcast of 2013! I hope you enjoy it :)

**Before I get messages saying that the dates of the Ravellenics and Podcaster Throwdown are right next to each other, don't worry peeps, I got this. I tried to record a revision like 3 times but it never turned out right because I had kids jumping around everywhere behind me. I'll explain my revisions in the next podcast.**

Thank You's:

  • wildlilly (aka Joanie) is our new moderator, she has been so helpful!
  • outofthisworld (aka Marybeth) gifted me the Peeries Flooers Mittens pattern!
  • Sarah and Lydia from Oh Loops! sent in some beautiful yarn both for my stash and for a giveaway! Hooray!

Christmas Happenings

Clicking Away

Remember and Reminisce
Looking Ahead Into 2014
Upcoming Events
(Like I said, I know the dates are a bit off on this one, but I have it figured out and will update in the next one)

  • How to enter - go to the contest thread (not open until the games start) and update every day with your progress in the Ravellenics games. You can enter up to once per day, and you can enter every day during the games.
Photographing Your Knits
  • This week I share my philosophy on why it's important to photograph our handmade items. Even if all you can do is snap a quick photo in awful lighting, always, always take the photo. 

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  1. Oh loops colors are just lovely. I have to check them out …..


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