Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome Baby J Party

Since Baby J is number 3 for us, I decided I didn't want to have a baby shower. I have a few reasons for this; 1) we already have tons of baby stuff, no need to add more to the mix. 2) A lot of people think it's tacky to have a shower for  a baby that's not the first, (my mom included) and I didn't want to be a subject of gossip. 3) This was a really difficult pregnancy in the emotional sense, as we were told everything from the baby having Down Syndrome or other chromosomal disorders to me having Gestational Diabetes to me eventually being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and plans for giving birth to a very small, possibly very sick baby. None of the health issues for Baby J ended up being true and my hyperthyroidism symptoms have all but disappeared, with a visit to the endocrinologist next week. We wanted to celebrate the fact that God is good and took care of us during these nine months and now Baby J is here and she's so beautiful and perfect.

Instead of a shower I decided I wanted to throw a Welcome Baby party at our home. We had a baked potato bar (I wish I had pictures; it was AWESOME!), a sweets bar, a big tent set up outside for shade and access to the park behind our house for the kiddos. I had been planning the party for awhile but I really kicked it into gear the last two weeks before it came, cleaning the house like a mad woman and making decorations and sweets. I wish I had more pictures from that day, it was lovely.

 Here's the sugar-coma-inducing table. Complete with 3 different kinds of cupcakes, sugar cookies with royal icing (my very first attempt), seven layer bars, apple bars, and danish cookies. Lemon bars came later and filled the empty space on the platter on the left. (PS - my mom and I found all of the silver she has over the years at thrift stores and pull it out for special occasions. Even if it's only plated we buy it because it is so nice to have around for occasions like this.)

You have to remember with those cookies, they were my first time making royal icing. The cupcake toppers and the bunting were made from the Whimsy paper stack at Joann's. 

 Baby J got to wear her first dress at the party, which was also Little Miss's first dress. She pretty much slept the whole entire time.

After everyone went home she woke up to party with Mommy for a few hours. Fortunately we all still got a good night sleep!

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  1. Your party looks wonderful and what a cutie you have! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl. Yes,God is good; I was in a similar situation and with faith in our Lord my little girl, my princess (Faith)was born.

  3. Congrats on your baby girl. Your party looks wonderful and what a sweet baby you have, I sure you enjoyed a party with so many kids.
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