Friday, April 19, 2013

Fully Drywalled.... CRAFT ROOM!

Hooray! The drywall on the craft room is 100% finished! My mother-in-law said once that the rooms would look so much smaller when the drywall went up, but I think it actually makes me understand how incredibly big these rooms are! Obviously, this is the room I am most excited about in our basement transformation.

Here is the view as you enter the room. The window has a lot of natural light and my main scrapbooking space will go right underneath it. Near that will be a "sewing island," which will provide enough space to cut, sew, block, or have friends over to craft with me.

 On the right you can see the gigantic closet, with 6 foot doors and 40 inches deep of space to put lots and lots of shelves, supplies, camera gear, and whatever else creative I may need to store. The diagonal is where I am putting an old dresser I got for free from my neighbor's driveway, I am thinking of painting it yellow or turquoise. I'm most excited for it to store my stash of yarn!

Next to the diagonal is the part my husband is SUPER excited about, the office nook. We didn't plan on  this in the original plans, but it kind of just evolved and it's going to be SO GREAT. It will have enough space for TWO docking stations and permanent monitors, so hubby can have his setup for working from home be permanent, peaceful, and behind a locked door. I can also have a docking station for things like photo editing without getting into his space or he in mine. This nook is going to be a GAME CHANGER for how our family runs!

This view is from inside the closet. You can still see the office nook on the right, but now you can also see where the cabinets are going to go on the left up top, with a few on the bottom and lots of counter space to work. The room is going to have a lot in it, but it's so darn HUGE I really don't think it will be a problem at all.

The bathroom is also almost 100% fully drywalled, and the hallway should get done tonight. Then all we have left is the giant living room, which should go pretty darn fast! Hopefully the update next week will have the entire basement drywalled! Hoorah!

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