Monday, July 29, 2013

Fluttershy Amigurumi

Hooray, I actually finished a pony amigurumi! I found these incredible patterns designed by a very talented nerd, and every time I pulled them up my kids FREAKED OUT, begging me to make a pony for them! I tried a Rarity pony and, well, let's just say she might be the sister we hide in the closet forever :D I really worked hard on Fluttershy to actually use markers and check off my progress on the pattern and she turned out SO MUCH BETTER. I also thought the eyes and the butterflies were going to be a GIANT PAIN to hand sew together, but they turned out to be really fun! JoJo carries both of the ponies around everywhere and snuggles them all the time. She seems to be right at home in our house! (Click here for the Ravelry page)

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  1. Awesome! The butterflies are such a cute detail.


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