Monday, August 5, 2013

Cadence Pattern Has Been Released!

Oh my goodness, what an awesome experience! I finally was able to release my very first pattern, the Cadence Shawl! I named this one after my oldest daughter, and I plan on designing one called Joanna too :-D I had 7 beautiful knitters test it out for me and really took their feedback into consideration, and I think it made everything work together so nicely to become a fantastic pattern!

Cadence Shawlette

I have already gotten a lot of good feedback from people who like the pattern on Ravelry too, and at least two people have started it! It's a really quick and easy knit and so I hope to see the finished projects soon, that's always my favorite part. Here are some of the test knits done, I will add more as I get permission from the rest of my team.

Every time a tester would finish and post pictures my mouth would literally drop. It's amazing to see your own concept made in different colorways and ideas, it makes every single project unique and beautiful and I just love this process! I hope to design more projects like this soon, it was amazingly fun!

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