Monday, August 19, 2013

WIP Monday

I really want to try and keep better track of my progress on projects, so I am hereby dubbing Monday "Work In Progress Monday." Yeah, this will last a whole week....

We will start with the never ending pair of socks. I started these bad boys when baseball season started the first week of June. JUNE, PEOPLE! Usually a pair of socks takes me a couple weeks, maybe a month if I don't work on them a whole lot, but 2 1/2 months!?! I'm ready to stop looking at these. I hope to finish them before school starts so I can start a new pair during pickups and dropoff lags.

I started the Christmas stockings again. I have knit a total of 12 of these so far and I have a goal to make seven this year. This one is for my nephew, Sammy, and will be followed by Charlie's. I am currently working on the Santa faces, which often includes much swearing and finnicky lines of yarn getting tangled up. It's funny though, every time I finish one of these I am so thrilled with the product that I am glad I did it. Let's just say that satisfaction makes it so I can stand to continue working on the countless others I plan on doing.

The last thing I have going right now is the Shale baby blanket. My knitting group at church planned out all of the baby blankets we will need for babies being born. We figured out we needed 5, and I found out about 2 more, so we have to get crackin'! I really want to make this pattern for mine, I just need to get some actual baby yarn to do it with. In the meantime I amp practicing this pattern with some leftover Caron One Pound from the blanket I made for my cousin. I like the color so much that I might just finish it and make it Charlie's.

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