Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rainbow Dash Amigurumi

She's done! She's done! Oh boy oh boy, she's done! I finished my second My Little Pony designed by The Nerdy Knitter. This one is Rainbow Dash and I am SO HAPPY with how she turned out!

All of the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. The eyes are made of felt and sewn together by hand.

The wings were incredibly challenging, as was sewing the tail together, but the instructions really helped me feel like a rock star! The cutie mark was a pain in the neck and I gave up.

My bestie asked me if I try to keep these nice by putting them on display. My answer: Nope! I work on them, take a few nice pictures, and then ask that they just not get covered in mud or sand. What's the point of making toys if the kids can't play with them? I'm taking a break from amigurumi for awhile to work on projects for babies and Christmas, but I have everything to make Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity. Maybe someday I will be done! (HA!)

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  1. Hi! Your Rainbow Dash looks great! I'm in the process of completing one for my niece's 3rd birthday and am having trouble understanding the wings... Can I email you for more information and maybe some tips?

    Nikki S.

    1. Sure! Send your questions to butterflyem4 at gmail dot com. The designer is also very helpful. Have fun!


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