Monday, August 5, 2013

The Most Amazing Day Ever

I really wanted to sit down and write about our day yesterday. Life has been hard, and we have had some really rough days in our household lately. My kids have been way too saturated in media lately because, well, it's just easier to put on a show than deal with the fighting. I have really wanted us to be more active and outdoorsy as a family though, so yesterday we went to a local reservoir to fish, something our family has never done before. I tried to set up our bait well, but honestly my husband and I have NO IDEA what we are doing when it comes to fishing so we definitely did not catch anything. The kids had fun trying though, and of course they had to play in the water almost the whole time we were there. My friend Jim took some beautiful pictures of our kids while we were there and I have to share them because I love them so much!

We had gotten all packed up to leave the lake when I got a text message from my sister that said "The cache was published." She and her husband have been working on a complex geocache for weeks that they refused to tell us anything about, so naturally we had to look it up on the website immediately. To our complete surprise, they had come up with a cache commemorating the Legend of Zelda games, our all time favorite family video game! They hid three individual caches for each piece of the triforce (power, courage, and wisdom) and each container showed a clue for opening the fourth cache, the Master Sword. It kills me that I shouldn't post pictures of any of it here because I don't want to give anything away, but I can tell you they did an amazing job with this Geocache! During our first stop we were "First to Find" that particular container, and an officer pulled up and asked Dave if he was looking for something. Dave said yes, a GeoCache, and the officer said he knew because he just got the notifications for a new cache and, while he couldn't search himself because he was on duty, he was enjoying watching the race for First to Find. We found the other two pretty easily too, with Cadie finding the third one all by herself! The final container was awesome, TJ had put a lot of work into making this amazing container and a great locking mechanism on it. We were First to Find that one as well because the other searchers had decided to only do one or two that day to spread them out over Groundspeak's "31 Days of Geocaching." I am allowed to post one photo, our swag from inside the containers:

I knew Jenilee had bought Shrinky Dinks, I had no idea she really went all out with them! Each container had several inside as different icons from the game. This cache allowed us to TOTALLY GEEK OUT the entire time and be in awe of the work they both put in to this cache. TJ is already planning out the next one they want to build, and I can hardly wait to see it!

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