Saturday, August 17, 2013

GeoCaching Adventures

I keep meaning to blog about this, and I keep forgetting. Our family has continuted GeoCaching, though a lot more as of late. It actually really makes my day that my hubby loves it, I think we found the right niche for him between technology and the outdoors. Here are a couple of our adventures over the last month:

My dad hid this one by his work. Turns out it's a really common place for homeless people to come sleep at night.

My sister and her husband hid this one, a total of 16 containers in a Choose Your Own Adventure type of cache hidden throughout Loveland and Fort Collins.We started this one in the beginning of July...

This one was hidden near the river that runs through our hometown. We discovered it while playing on the banks of the river and catching toads.

This one was hidden in a lampost and SCARED THE CRAP out of me when it fell out and wiggled :D

A park we had never been to.

My dad hid this one, had to make the kids stay on the asphalt as there was broken glass and asbestos everywhere.

Finally discovered our first "fate" in the Zombie cache. We hope to eventually find all the containers.

I found this one in a lampost in the parking lot during my husband's visit to the doctor.

At the nearby Cracker Barrel.

We were never able to find this one, but we did find several unused (thank God) condoms and beer bottle caps. I suspect some over anxious teenagers took it.

We visited Denver and took our cousin caching, found in a lamp post.

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